The University of New Mexico

Welcome to UNM flickr

The goal is to take advantage of the preexisting community of flickr. Anyone can submit photos to the UNM flickr pool.

How to participate

You can share your unique view of UNM by joining the UNM flickr group photo pool on flickr.

  1. Create a flickr account
  2. Join the UNM flickr group
  3. Start sharing your great pics! Once your photos are in the UNM flickr pool they will magically begin appearing here! :)

Some guidelines

Photos must be of UNM campus, UNM events, or UNM life. All images are moderated to ensure high quality.

By adding your photos to the pool, you authorize The University of New Mexico to permit the use and display of said photographs on this UNM flickr site and any UNM flickr related projects.

Notice! All images are copyright of their respective photographer. The use of images contained within this site and other UNM Flickr projects is not permitted without the express permission of the photographer.